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Summer palace built above the Alhambra. There are also gardens, terraces, pergolas, gazebos and a wonderful swimming pool framed by fountains. Located in the royal apartments Mirador de la Sultana (balcony Sultan) offers a magnificent view of the surroundings.

Palace of Charles

Designed by a student of Michelangelo in the XVI does not fit into rest of the Alhambra. This monumental building with a circular courtyard, was an expression of fascination with the Christian ruler, a miracle created by Moorish predecessors. But even Charles himself, he preferred to reside in the old palaces of the Alhambra, during his stay in Granada.

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Granada – 330 km, 3 hours 20 min.

Grenada is a gem of Moorish Spain with the palace of a thousand and one nights – Alhambra. Was the last bridgehead of Arab caliphs, until in 1492 they were defeated by the Catholic Monarchs and eventually disappeared from Europe. They left behind a stunning architecture and art, whose influence can be seen today.

The rest of the Grenada hides many historic monuments. In front of the Alhambra hill, extends Albacin district, with steep winding streets, full of squares, churches and old monasteries.
Above the town are snow-covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada, forming a picturesque backdrop. This is one of the few places where the same day you can ski and bath in the sea on one of the beaches of the Costa del Sol. Directions

Alhambra City

It was built by the Arabs in the thirteenth century, the palace complex and dominated by a fortress on a hill visible from any point of the city. The oldest part is the Alcazaba, a military fortress from the time when the Moors ruled the whole of Andalusia. With time around it postawały other construction.
Top achievement of Arab architecture in Europe is fabulous palace, built for the caliph Yusuf I in the thirteenth century lace pavilions set amongst gardens, courtyards, pools and fountains were to be a foretaste of paradise. Master decoration and lace detail even monumental building to give the impression of lightness and delicacy. Wandering through the halls of assembly, meeting of ambassadors or private places can feel the ancient harems hovering spirit of old times here. Courtyard of the lions like the infinite richness of the caliphs, which allowed them to create things only for their beauty. The whole is surrounded by gardens spread out over several levels.

Cordoba-525 km, 5 hours.

Was once the capital of Roman Spain and the Moorish caliphate. At the time of of Arab town was the envy of Europe. About a thousand mosques, public baths, street lights and renowned universities – all of this was the peak of achievement far different from the contemporary, medieval realities. The most important remains of the former glory of the Mesquita – the only remaining mosque in medieval Spain, and today one of the largest in the world. The construction of the mosque with an area of ​​24 000 m2 began in 785 years and was completed 200 years later. The interior of the mosque consists of a repeating two-storey horseshoe-shaped arches, giving the impression of infinity, so important in the Islamic faith. Bows modeled on Roman aqueducts, and provide not only a memorable visual impression but also access a large amount of light. After the conquest of Cordoba by Christians, Charles V decided to save this building, despite the enormous pressure of the Church to destroy it. To reconcile these two aims, the mosque was built inside the cathedral. Does it feel unique. Around the mosque extends an interesting old town and the Jewish quarter with a synagogue. Summer in Cordoba prevail enormous heat – so it is worth it to visit in spring or autumn. Directions